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Ceramic valve
Customized and Machinable Ceramic Valves - Ceramic Discs Ceramic Disc Valve Components 
Ceramic disc valves are made of high performance structural ceramics such as alumina, zirconia and silicon nitride. Therefore, ceramic valves have good self-cleaning, wear resistance, strong corrosion, self-lubrication and fatigue resistance.Ceramic valve solved the problem of leakage, torque and corrosion of metal valve in high wear and strong corrosion.
Ceramic disc valve parts:
Ceramic trim, Ceramic ball, Ceramic seat, Ceramic disc,Ceramic liner...
Application of ceramic valve disc:
Ceramic valves for dosing valve,meter valve, liquid valve, filling valves, 8-hole/16-pin dispensing valve,disc faucet, disc tap washer etc...

Ceramic valve disc material:
· 95%--99.99% Alumina (Al2O3)   · Silicon Carbide 
· Silicon Nitride    · ZrO2 (TTZ,YTZP,ZDY)...etc

Ceramic Advantage Performance:
·Corrosion resistance, Wear resistance,
·Oxidation resistance, High-temperature resistance,
·Good precision without leakage, long service life
 Specification of ceramic disc valve:

-Outer diameter can be up to Max. 60mm

-High flatness/parallelism up to 0.002mm

-Tolerance of height: best to 0.01mm

-Tolerance of other dimensions:
1% of dimension as regular one, best below to +/-0.05mm

1. Refractory, High Temperature Resistance, Maximum Used Temperature: 1800 ºC (3272ºF)...
2. Hardness Strength, Wear Resistance Up To Mohz 9.0; HRA 80-90...
3. High Voltage, Good Insulation Performance ,Electrical Resistivity Up To 10∧14 Ohm.Cm...
4. High Polished Surface Up To Rz0.8(Ra0.1) ...
5. Superior Mechanical Strength, Max 10 MPa.m1/2 Fracture toughness,
6. Pressure Resistance, Max 2300MPa compressive strength...
7. Anti-High Corrosion Resistance, Such As Acid  Alkali Resistance...
8. Long Service Life...
9. Other excellent property

Technical reference of manufacture
Dimensional accuracy Up to 0.001mm
Concentricity Up to 0.003mm
Parallelism Up to 0.002mm
The inner hole tolerance The minimum  0.005mm
Straight flute The narrowest 0.1x100mm
The thickness of the size Minimum to 0.02mm
The screw thread Minimum internal thread M2
Cylindricity Up to 0.004mm
The linear tolerance Up to 0.001mm
The smallest aperture The minimum 0.07mm
Precision process CNC maching,grinding,lapping
Surface finish Glazed,polishing or metallized
We manufacture ceramic valves and valve assemblies of different specifications and support customized services.
Lead time: 10-20 working days for the mass with free sample of mass ;  Minimum order quantity : 1 
For more information about ceramics,please contact our engineers in time

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