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Ceramic Service Guarantee

Can we offer a customized product?
We customize the products for different customers every day.We can customize according to your drawings and specific requirements, or we can provide you with the best special ceramic solution according to the understanding of your requirements.Our technical engineers are experienced in this area, ready to meet your needs and provide solutions.

How can we guarantee the quality?
We strictly adhere to the ISO certification standards of the quality system.From powder to finished product flow control and terminal control can ensure that the products are quality.Whether the delivered quantity is 10 or more than 10 million products, our quality inspection department strictly checks.

What's our delivery date?
We are located in changan town of dongguan, a city with rapid economic development. Time is life, and our delivery time is faster than most of our competitors.We will arrange overtime work if we meet customers who are in urgent need of products.

Do we provide source material with quality assurance?

All of our excellent high-purity raw materials are imported, and some of them are from the domestic market. The raw materials are strictly inspected and certified to meet the budget requirements of some customers.

What precision and roughness can our products achieve?

The tolerance is determined by the size, shape, material and mode of production. With our high precision grinding equipment, the tolerance range available is 2 stainless m (i.e. 0.002 mm).The maximum roughness value can reach Ra 0.01 to 0.02.

Do we have export experience?
We have been exporting our products to overseas markets for many years.Working closely with packaging manufacturers, we are continuously improving special packaging materials and ways for you.We prefer sea or air transport for most of the shipments.Provide safe and fast delivery guarantee.

Mingrui can customize all kinds of non-standard ceramic structural parts and special-purpose ceramic parts according to customer use environment, drawing requirements and material performance!

Main material includes: alumina ceramics, zirconia ceramics

Size accuracy: up to 0.003;

Finish: up to Ra0.03;

Concentricity: up to 0.003;

Parallelism: up to 0.002

Inner hole: minimum processing ¢0.12 x 3 mm;

Straight groove: the narrowest machinable groove width is 0.1x100mm;

Thickness size: minimum machinable to 0.02mm;

Threads: minimum machinable internal threads M2, no limit on external threads.

Also available to provide a variety of ceramic precision parts customization and raw materials wholesale!

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