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Mingrui ceramics technology co., ltd. is a ceramic manufacturer with many years of ceramic parts research and development and manufacturing.Each year we provide different ceramic components to the semiconductor industry, pump manufacturers, small to large machinery factories around the world, medical industry, oil and gas, automobile, electronics, and other industries.

Compared with metal material, ceramic material has good electrical insulation performance, high mechanical strength, wear resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and other excellent material characteristics.
We manufacture ceramic parts of the world's advanced ceramic materials: zirconia, alumina, silicon nitride, silicon carbide, etc. (according to customer requirements).We have excellent manufacturing capabilities, from the simplest ceramic tubes, rods or plates to the most complex parts and threaded parts.

Mingrui ceramics has efficient production facilities to support rapid turnover of prototype mass production.Ceramic sample manufacturing is to better provide customers with professional services, reflect our processing precision and other aspects of the ability.

·Delivery fast   ·1 sample for customization  ·Experience in industrial ceramic design team assistance

Process of Manufacturing:
Ceramic Injection molding
Roll compacting
Isostatic pressing
Dry pressing
Hot pressing
Tape casting
Slip casting
Properties of Ceramic:
Very good electrical insulation
Moderate to extremely high mechanical strength
Very high compressive strength
High hardness
Moderate thermal conductivity
High corrosion and wear resistance
Good gliding properties
Low density
Operating temperature without mechanical load 1,000 to 1,750°C.
Ceramic type:
·Ceramic rod/bar ·ceramic sheet/plate·ceramic plunger ·ceramic tube·ceramic ring·ceramic nozzle ·ceramic valve ·ceramic pump ·ceramic flange·ceramic parts·ceramic pin...
Industry application:
·Aerospace ·Automotive Engineering ·Ceramics and Joining Technology ·Chemicals - Pharmaceuticals ·Electrical Engineering, Electronics·Environmental Engineering·Food processing technology·Glass Engineering·Medical Engineering·Metal Engineering·Military Engineering·Textile Industry
Ceramic parts materials and manufacturing parameters:

Ceramic sample design:
ceramic parts ceramic tubes ceramic plates ceramic rings

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