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Mingrui Ceramics Advantage
Mingrui Ceramics Advantage


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The use of high-strength zirconia or alumina ceramic raw materials developed:
with fall resistance, wear resistance, super strong, ultra-hard, high temperature resistance (refractory), super corrosion resistance, never rust, antioxidant, insulation, their own lubrication and other excellent performance!

1. Technical Strength
    With many well-known domestic universities and scientific research institutions to jointly develop.
2. Professional
   Mingrui ceramics focus on R&D and manufacturing of new materials, new process ceramics.

3. Resistant To Fall
    Mingrui ceramics with high altitude fall resistance, ceramics from 2M height after the complete non-destructive, strong fall resistance

4. Impact Resistance
    Ceramic special structural parts are extremely resistant and superior to other metal products

5.Resistant Scratch
   Ceramic products with scratch resistance, long-term maintenance of the shape without damage

6. Wear-Resistant
   Ceramic products have a strong wear resistance, suitable for the placement of heavy objects or the need for frequent cleaning places

7. Easy To Clean
    Tight impermeable surface, so that dust is not easy to adhere to it

8. Moisture Resistance
    Ceramic products can be compared with glass water absorption

9. UV Resistant
    Ceramic products are not affected by weather changes, whether it is sun and rain

10. Fire Resistance
      Ceramic products on the surface of the burning cigarette has a very strong protection ability

11. Anti-Static
     Ceramic products proved to be anti-static materials, very suitable for dust-free areas

12. Chemical Corrosion Resistance
      Ceramic products have a strong chemical corrosion resistance characteristics, anti-acid, anti-oxidation toluene.


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