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Ceramic flange
Flanges are the parts connected between shafts and are used for connecting pipe end.Flange connection or flange joint, refers to the flange, gasket and bolt three mutual connection as a group of assembled sealing structure of the removable connection.There are holes in the flange and bolts make the two flanges close together.The flanges are gasketed together.Flanges are threaded (threaded) flanges, welded flanges and clamped flanges.
Ceramic flange made by alumina, zirconia, silicon nitride and other advanced ceramics through high temperature and high pressure sintering.class 150-900.
In stock of ceramic flange:
Diameter(mm): DN10,DN15;  Outer Diameter(mm): 50,90 ;
Bolt Spacing(mm): 60,75;  Flange Thickness(mm):14,18

· Special type and sizes can be customized
Available color  white , black , blue , yellowish,etc 
Ceramic flange material composition:
· 95%--99.99% Alumina (Al2O3)   · Silicon Carbide   · Silicon Nitride
· TTZ: Magnesia partially stabilized Zirconia (ZrO2)
· YTZP: Yttria partially stabilized Zirconia (ZrO2)
· ZDY: Yttria fully stabilized Zirconia (ZrO2)
Physical Properties of Ceramic Flange:
Precision Machining Ceramic Flange has excellent performance such as wear resistance, super strength, ultra-hard, high temperature resistance (refractory), super corrosion resistance, never rust, antioxidant, insulation, environmental protection and so on.

Conventional ceramic flange size range:
Diameter(mm): DN10-DN250;  Outer Diameter(mm): 395; 
Bolt Spacing(mm): 350;Flange Thickness(mm):0.5-35;   
Bolt diameter:14-36.

(Special type and sizes can be customized)
Sealing form:
raised face(RF), concave and convex surface (MFM), tenon groove surface (TG), ring joint surface (RJ).
The flange gasket
Ceramic flange manufacturing:
Cylindricity up to 0.004mm, linear tolerance up to 0.001mm, dimensional accuracy up to 0.001mm, thread minimum machinable internal thread M2, thickness up to 0.02mm...And other parameters.We can customize different ceramic flanges according to customer parameters.
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