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Photovoltaic ceramic parts
The solar ceramic parts mainly include alumina, zirconia, silicon nitride and other advanced ceramic materials.
Technical ceramic materials have high hardness, physical stability, extreme heat resistance and chemical inertness. Because of their high resistance to melting, bending, stretching, corrosion and wear, ceramic materials are favored by the photovoltaic or solar industry.
The ceramics used in the photovoltaic industry are mainly on automatic quartz boat slicers, such as ceramic racks, ceramic guide blocks, ceramic suction plates, ceramic suction plates, and so on.
Mingrui Ceramics can customize the processing of photovoltaic ceramic structural parts of different shapes, different types and different uses.
  Typical Applications:
●Electrical Insulating parts for vacuum furnace/polysilicon ingot furnace/semiconductor device
●Crucibles or containers for high purity molten metals
●Break rings for continuous casting of metals
●Ceramic nozzles for metal powder gas atomization
●Heat resistant ceramic parts
The raw materials:
alumina ceramics, zirconia, silicon nitride, etc.

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