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Ceramic pin
Ceramic pin can generally divided into the following:welding pin, guide pin,positioning pin,optical fiber connector ferrule and ceramic pin gauge,the common used material is zirconia ceramic,silicon notride ceramic and silicon carbide.
Us uses several lines of ceramic materials, to meet the needs of different applications, from resistance and MIG/TIG welding tooling to general metalforming and handling.

The common forming method of insert core is Ceramic Injection Molding (CIM). Optical fiber connector is an indispensable passive device in optical fiber communication system. 
The ceramic pin is a high precision product with a tolerance requirement of +/- 0.001 to mm.
Part of us manufacturing pins:

 Pin Type

Straight Dowel
Straight dowel pins are cylindrical pins that join two pieces together to prevent motion or slippage. 
Oversize Dowel
Oversized dowel pins are manufactured slightly over the nominal size. 
Undersize Dowel
Undersized dowel pins are manufactured slightly under the nominal size. 
Pull Dowel Pin
Pull dowel pins have a threaded hole in one end so that a screw can be inserted to help remove the pin from a blind hole. 
Groove Pin
Grooved pins are cylindrical pins with longitudinal grooves. They are used to join two components. Grooves provide greater surface area for adhesive, and offer improved holding power. 
Knurled Pin
Knurled pins are straight pins with a knurled surface. They provide a better grip than a smooth dowel pin. 
Parallel Pin
Parallel pins are cylindrical dowel pins that have the ends machined to two different tolerances. 
Spiral Groove Pin
Spiral groove pins are cylindrical pins with longitudinal grooves. They are used to join two components. Grooves provide greater surface area for adhesive, and offer improved holding power. 
Stepped Dowel Pin
Stepped dowel pins have two different body diameters. 
Taper Pin, Nonthreaded
Nonthreaded taper pins are solid pins with a taper at a rate of 1/4" per foot from the larger end to the smaller. 
Taper Pin, Threaded
Threaded taper pins have the same dimensions as standard taper pins with the addition of a threaded section, usually at the smaller end. Threaded taper pins are used when removal may be required. 
Drive Pin
Drive pins have an interference fit and must be driven into place. They are commonly used to assemble components in rotary or other moving applications. 
Escutcheon Pin
Escutcheon pins are used for light fastening jobs such as attaching nameplates. Escutcheon pins have a semispherical head at one end and a long cone at the other. Usually, these pins are hammered into place by hand. 
Ceramic material:
· 95%--99.99% Alumina(Al2O3)  · Zirconia(ZrO2) · Silicon Carbide  · Silicon Nitride...
Properties :
Extreme hardness and flexural strength
High thermal shock resistance
Electrical insulation
Temperature resistance
High tensile strength and compressive strength
Fewer cold welds
High Corrosion and Wear Resistance.
Custom Ceramic pins Capabilities
Wide range of sizes (oval, round, tall and small)
Diamond imprints
Knurl patterns
Made from many types of ceramic materials
Just-in-time delivery
Four Slide/Multi-slide stamping press technology
12-member quality control team

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