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Ceramic rod
Technical Advance Ceramic Rod/Bar - Sales and Custom Multi Types Ceramic Rods From Manufacturer- Fast Shipping
We can manufacture the available sizes of ceramic rods range from 0.393” to 21.654” (10mm – 550mm) length. 
Diameter as small as 0.2mm,depends on length.the length of machinable ceramic rods and specials sizes can be customized.
Ceramic material
· 95%--99.99% Alumina(Al2O3)  · Zirconia(ZrO2)  · Silicon Carbide  · Silicon Nitride...etc
As a manufacturer of ceramic parts, we offer customization of ceramic bars of special sizes and shapes.High Precision, Fast Delivery Time, High Composition (with test report).Get a Quote On Your Customized Now!!  or attachs a specifications by EMAIL.
The type of ceramic rod
Cylindrical, Square, Screw Threadand, Porous...
Shaft,Plunger Rod,Piston Rod,Cylinder Rod,Insulating Rod,Heat Conducting Bar,sharpening rod,honing rod...
For more information about ceramics,please contact our engineers in time   

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