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Food medical ceramics
Zirconia ceramic material is a kind of ceramic material with high toughness, high flexural strength and good wear resistance.
It is widely used in chemical, industrial, metallurgical, medical and other fields. Through continuous research on its application fields,
it has found that it has medical equipment. Good development prospects, can be used in atomizers, medical plunger pumps, scalpels, etc., not only high temperature resistance, but also many characteristics are unmatched by metal materials.
Typical Characteristics:
1.High Use temperatures
2.High density
3.High hardness
4.Low thermal conductivity
5.Chemical inertness
6.Resistance to molten metals
7.Good Wear resistance
8.High fracture toughness
Ceramic materials:
· Alumina ceramic(AL2O3) 
· Zirconia ceramic(ZrO2)
· Silicone carbide (SiC)
· Silicone nitride
Ceramic advantage:
Ceramic meets above all performance standard, and it has good roughness to lower the friction coefficient.
Lead-time: 20-30 days for mass production, 15 days for samples.
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