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Mingrui Ceramics Spring Festival Holiday Notice

Time: 2024-02-27   Writer: mingrui

Mingrui Ceramics Spring Festival Holiday Notice

Dear partners, suppliers, customers and friends:
Thank you all for your support and trust in our Mingrui Ceramics factory over the past year. According to the national statutory holiday schedule and the actual situation of the factory, we will have a holiday during the Spring Festival. The specific notice is as follows:
the 2024 year of dragon
1. Holiday time
The 2024 Lunar New Year holiday will last for 12 days in total, from February 5th to February 16th; we will go to work normally on February 17th (the eighth day of the lunar month, Saturday).
2. Duty arrangements
In order to ensure that everyone's needs are responded to in a timely manner during the holidays, we will respond to customer messages and emails in a timely manner during the holidays.
3. Things to note during the Spring Festival
Please make order production and delivery plans in advance to ensure smooth production during the Spring Festival.
We apologize for any delay in delivery or delay in response due to holidays.
4. Blessings
On the occasion of the Spring Festival, all our staff would like to extend our most sincere blessings and thanks to all partners, suppliers, customers and friends! I wish everyone a prosperous career, good health, and happy family in the new year!
Best regards
Mingrui Ceramics Sales Office
February 2, 2024

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