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Application of silicon carbide ceramics in the semiconductor industry

Time: 2024-05-21   Writer: mingrui
Silicon carbide ceramics are widely used in the semiconductor industry, and their main applications are reflected in the following aspects:

Some silicon carbide ceramic components produced by Mingrui Ceramics.
Some silicon carbide ceramic components produced by Mingrui Ceramics.

Grinding disc:

Silicon carbide ceramics have the characteristics of high hardness and low wear, and their thermal expansion coefficient is basically the same as that of ceramic wafers, so they can achieve the requirements of high-speed grinding and polishing. This makes it an ideal material for grinding discs in the semiconductor manufacturing process.


Silicon carbide ceramic fixtures play an important role in the production process of ceramic wafers. It has good heat resistance and can be coated with coatings such as diamond-like carbon on the surface to enhance its performance, alleviate wafer damage, and prevent the spread of pollution.

Photolithography worktable:

Silicon carbide ceramic materials have excellent motion accuracy and stability, which can meet the requirements of the photolithography worktable. The worktable is responsible for completing the exposure movement in the photolithography machine, requiring high-speed, large stroke, and nanometer-level ultra-precision movement. The characteristics of silicon carbide ceramics make it an ideal material for the photolithography worktable.

Preparation of high-performance structural components:

Silicon carbide ceramics can also be used to prepare high-performance structural components with complex shapes such as square mirrors in photolithography machines.
In addition, silicon carbide ceramics are also widely used in other fields in the semiconductor industry due to their extremely high elastic modulus, thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion coefficient, such as the preparation of semiconductor equipment parts. These characteristics make silicon carbide ceramics have extremely high application value in the semiconductor industry.
In general, the application of silicon carbide ceramics in the semiconductor industry is mainly due to its excellent properties such as high hardness, low wear, high thermal stability, and low thermal expansion coefficient. These properties make silicon carbide ceramics an indispensable material in the semiconductor manufacturing process.

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