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Electronic cigarette ceramic
After the high temperature curing of the ceramic material, cigarette ceramic parts is no residual of small molecular substances, and no harmful substances are precipitated after being heated by the smoke, which is more durable and environmentally safe than the plastic material.
Ceramic heating can increase the atomization steam by 25% and has good continuity. It can save 20% of electricity while improving the heating effect.
Product range:
E-cigarette ceramic atomizer, E-cigarette nozzle, E-cigarette Insulated holder, E-cigarette base...
Performance standard:
Superior insulation, corrosion resistance, long service life
Material standard:
FDA standard, Good out-looking, High HV hardness, Good Dielectric Constant  
Ceramic advantage:
Ceramic meets above all performance standard, and ceramic nozzle not hurt teeth.
Lead-time: 20-30 days for mass production, 15 days for samples

Ceramic materials:
· Alumina ceramic(AL2O3) 
· Zirconia ceramic(ZrO2)
· Silicone carbide (SiC)
· Silicone nitride
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