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Composition of insulating ceramics
Time: 2019-11-04   Writer: mingrui

Composition of insulating ceramics

Insulating ceramics include high aluminum ceramics, talc ceramics, etc. With the development of electronic industry, especially the emergence of thick film, thin film circuit and microwave integrated circuit, higher requirements are put forward for the packaging of ceramics and substrate.There are many new varieties of beryllium oxide ceramics and boron nitride ceramics.At present, aluminum nitride ceramics and silicon carbide ceramics are under development.Their common characteristic is high thermal conductivity.

Composition of insulating ceramics


After entering this century, due to the insulating ceramics sintering technology, it can be sintered under higher temperature than in the past, so our materials used in the external, such as pure oxide, carbides, nitrides, silicides, boride, sulfide and other ceramic materials as the main raw material, also can be used as the basis of sintered ceramic material application in modern industry.These ceramics may be called special ceramics, new ceramics, or fine ceramics.

Insulating ceramics are fired at 1000℃.Due to insufficient sintering, generally has hygroscopicity, not suitable for thermal insulation materials.In a flux, as in clay, a certain amount of feldspar is added.At higher temperatures than water, at 1,200 degrees Celsius, its density and transparency earned another name, porcelain.China is made from tableware.With the advent of electronic technology, it began to be used as an insulating material and later became the ceramic of today's metallurgical and chemical ceramic industries.

High temperature insulating ceramic coatings are usually composed of three parts: solvents or diluents and auxiliary materials.According to the application scope and form, can be divided into four kinds: dip coating, coating, silicon steel sheet coating, corona coating four kinds.Self-drying insulating paint refers to the dry film of Shanghai giant base insulating paint.Drying mechanism is generally divided into three types: one is unstable drying, that is, high molecular weight solid resin dissolved in the appropriate location.The second is oxidation drying, including dry vegetable oil insulation paint.Unsaturated double bonds in dried vegetable oils are oxidized and cross-linked in molecular air under the action of oxygen to achieve drying.Oil, phenolic resin and dry oleic acid resin varnishes are oxidized dry insulation.Varnish.

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