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Nano zirconia ceramic applications
Time: 2019-10-15   Writer: mingrui

Nano-zirconia has the characteristics of strong thermal shock resistance, high temperature resistance, good chemical stability and material compound.Nanometer zirconium oxide and other materials (Al ₂ O3, the SiO ₂) compound, can greatly improve the performance of material parameters, to improve the fracture toughness, flexural strength, etc.Therefore, nano-zirconia is not only used in the field of structural ceramics and functional ceramics, but also used to improve the surface characteristics of metal materials (thermal conductivity, thermal shock resistance, high-temperature oxidation resistance, etc.).

What are the benefits of adding nano zirconia to ceramics?

Adding yttrium to stabilize nano-zirconia can improve the density and toughness of ceramics, prevent cracking, and reduce the sintering temperature of ceramics.Adding 10% nano zirconia vk-r30y3 into the ceramic can reduce the sintering temperature of ceramic about 100 ℃.

Application of nano zirconia

Excellent zirconium nano zirconia powder has fine size, uniform particle size distribution, no hard agglomeration and good sphericity.In the production, the content of each component is precisely controlled, the particles among different components are evenly mixed, the particle size, shape and structure are strictly controlled, and the quality of the product is guaranteed.The product is used for electrode manufacturing in high performance solid battery by using the conductive characteristics of doped different elements. 

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