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heat conducting ceramic plates and ceramic heat sinks
Time: 2019-07-13   Writer: mingrui
Distinguish between heat conducting ceramic plates and ceramic heat sinks

Once, family has been given priority to with thermal conductive silicone series of electronic thermal conductive materials, until in recent years, toward high power miniaturization of electronic equipment, many traditional electronic accessories can't meet the industry needs to be eliminated, with the sense of crisis, the certificate of Thai electronic opens the development road of new type thermal conductive materials, for example, the thermal conductivity of a few years of graphite series and thermal conductive ceramic series, etc.;Today small make up to introduce the thermal conductivity of ceramic series of ceramic thermal conductivity and ceramic heat sink.

Thermal conductive ceramic sheet is an electronic ceramic applied to heat dissipation of electronic ICMOS tube elements. Commonly used ceramic materials include alumina ceramic and aluminum nitride ceramic. With high thermal conductivity and low heat storage capacity of ceramic, heat flux can be quickly transferred to metal heat dissipation sheet.

Ceramic heat sink is a kind of electronic ceramic dominated by silicon carbide. Its heat dissipation mode is to increase the contact heat dissipation area with air by a large number of micro-pores in silicon carbide ceramics, and conduct heat conduction diffusion by sticking to the chip. It is often used to replace metal heat sink in high-power miniaturized electronic equipment.

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