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What are the ways power batteries dissipate heat?
Time: 2019-07-20   Writer: mingrui
What are the ways power batteries dissipate heat?

Power battery is the core of the new energy battery, the role of the battery diaphragm is also very important, mainly in a small space to separate the positive and negative plates of the battery, prevent the contact between the two poles to cause a short circuit, but can ensure the free passage of ions in the electrolyte between the negative electrode.Therefore, the diaphragm is the core material to ensure the safe and stable operation of lithium ion batteries.

The electrolyte is to isolate the source of combustion, the diaphragm is to increase the heat resistance temperature, and sufficient heat dissipation is to reduce the battery temperature, to avoid excessive accumulation of heat caused by the battery heat out of control.If the battery temperature rises sharply to 300℃, even if the diaphragm does not melt and contract, the electrolyte itself, electrolyte and positive and negative electrode will have a strong chemical reaction, release gas, form internal high pressure and explosion, so it is very important to adopt the appropriate heat dissipation mode.

Power battery package air - cooled structure heat dissipation mode
1. Install a cooling fan at one end of the battery pack and an air vent at the other end to accelerate the flow of air between the gaps of the cell and take away the high heat generated when the cell is working;

2. Add heat-conducting silica gaskets at the top and bottom of electrical extremes, so that heat from the top and bottom which are not easy to emit can be transferred to the metal shell through TIF heat-conducting ceramic plates to dissipate heat. At the same time, the high electrical insulation and puncture resistance of silica plates have a good protection effect on the battery pack.

Power battery package liquid - cooled structure heat dissipation mode

1. The heat of the cell is transferred to the liquid cooling tube through the heat-conducting ceramic sheet, and the heat is carried away by the free circulation of the cooling liquid, so as to unify the temperature of the whole battery pack. The powerful specific heat capacity of the cooling liquid absorbs the heat generated during the operation of the battery pack, making the whole battery pack operate at a safe temperature.

2. Thermal conductive ceramic sheet has good insulation performance and high resilience, which can effectively avoid vibration friction damage between electric cells, and the potential danger of short circuit between electric cells, and is the best auxiliary material for water cooling scheme.

Introduction of power battery pack natural convection heat dissipation mode

1. This kind of battery pack has large space and good contact with air. The exposed part can heat naturally through air, while the bottom part cannot heat naturally through radiator.

2, heating scheme applied to the new energy automobile market more, before the start of the battery heating heat by conductive ceramic pieces pass quantity of heat to battery pack, preheat battery, has the good performance of thermal conductivity of thermal conductive silicone, insulation performance, wear resistance, can effective heat transfer and protection between battery and heating tablets produced by the friction wear, short circuit, etc.

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