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Thermal conductive silica gel sheet for power battery
Time: 2019-07-20   Writer: mingrui
Thermal conductive silica gel sheet for power battery

The rapid development of electric vehicles has brought new application fields for ceramic materials.Because ceramic material itself has the characteristics of heat conduction, insulation and high damping, it can be used for the heat conduction, insulation and protection material between electronic components, so it has a wide range of applications in electric drive system, such as lithium battery, fuel cell, electric motor and so on.

In the lithium battery, it can be made as a heat conduction plate, which can dissipate heat in the battery package and between the battery package and the cooling system, increasing the contact area and improving the heat conduction efficiency.In a fuel cell, it can be used as insulation between different modules.

At present, with the development of battery technology, the product line of electric vehicles begins to diversify.Take electric supercars as an example. Because the motor needs frequent and high-speed operation, it has higher requirements for heat dissipation, so it puts forward higher requirements for thermal conductivity materials.Compared with traditional solid materials, ceramic materials have better heat dissipation effect and stronger thermal conductivity and protection ability.Ceramic materials are also valued by automobile manufacturers and suppliers due to their high production efficiency and cost advantages.

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