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What is automotive ceramic connector, about its role and core
Time: 2019-07-06   Writer: mingrui
What is automotive ceramic connector, about its role and core

Among the numerous mechanical materials at present, the automobile machinery has been very concerned by people, and now with the continuous development of private cars, people also gradually put the development of technology on the automobile machinery housing exhibition, among which the automobile ceramic connector is one of them.

What is a connector
To understand ceramic connector to the car first to know what it is, what is used for, we here car ceramic connector is a kind of electronic engineering and technical personnel in the work and the study will often come into contact with a thing, is very big, but also is very easy to use, generally used in the circuit, the circuit will use form a block, and has not formed between electric circuit process of a bridge, is like a bridge, in the link through the later will be able to link current, it came into use, and can let some function of the circuit to realize the reservation,But in the use of the car after the use of plug-in plug-in form and structure of change is very much, can say is protean, but general auto connectors are made up of several kinds of basic circuit, the circuit of contact element, and the shell, but the shell material because of the use of different condition, there are also many varieties, so the appearance of the shell and the material is also different, and insulators and some accessories and so on.

What is the contact part? In the whole of the automobile ceramic connector, there is a kind of part very close to the core called the contact part. It is the main device to complete the electrical connection.As long as the positive contact parts have such a shape, they are cylindrical, square and flat, which is mainly composed of brass and phosphorous bronze and so on.

Negative contact is also known as automobile connector jack, this part for automobile connector is a very important key parts, mainly rely on when to use this part of the work, in the link the elasticity of the negative contact will depend on itself structure and pin inserted elastic force and because of the effect of elastic when I finish a close contact and positive contact, so that they can complete the whole link, but the negative connector structure type is very much, there are in the shape of a cylindrical and a tuning fork and the cantilever beam shape of longitudinal grooving negative connector,These are shapes that are used in everyday life.

Car ceramic connector shell we also call it the shell, shell is used in the automotive connector of an external protection, but also for the insulation plate and pin to provide a strong protection, the mechanical protection can prolong the service life of automotive connectors, and combination between the plug and socket can also help when alignment, with the help of it later to connector directly fixed on the equipment we use it.
The use of ceramic connectors in cars has been a long time experience, which is very helpful for solving circuit problems, because after using it, many aspects can save a lot of trouble and be safer.

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