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Zirconia ceramic made of automotive ceramic connector
Time: 2019-07-06   Writer: mingrui
Zirconia ceramic made of automotive ceramic connector?

If careful attention can be found, many parts of the car are made of zirconia ceramic material as the main material, in the engine, sensors, brakes, shock absorbers and other important devices are involved, we call it automotive ceramic socket.

These automotive ceramic connectors are sintered with inorganic nonmetallic materials such as zirconia ceramics and yttrium ceramics, so compared with the previous use of alumina ceramics, the strength and high temperature resistance have been significantly improved, further enhancing its application in the automotive field.

Past some traditional materials of automobile engine, usually there is serious problem of heat loss, in order to reduce this part of the loss, heat insulation performance is good in zirconia ceramic material and insulating combustion chamber surrounded by using exhaust gas turbocharger and power turbine to recycling exhaust energy, thus effectively improve the thermal efficiency of car engine.

As an automobile sensor, it should not only be suitable for the unique harsh environment of the automobile for a long time, but also have the characteristics of small size, light weight, good reusability and wide output range.And the sensor made of zirconia ceramics just meet the above requirements, because the zirconia ceramics unique heat resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and its potential excellent electromagnetic, optical function.

In addition, the application of zirconia ceramic in the automobile is also shown in the brake, after the suppression, heating, carbonization, heating, cooling and other processes, zirconia ceramic brake carbon silicon compound surface hardness is close to diamond, so its impact resistance, corrosion resistance performance is very prominent.

In addition, zirconia ceramic material is also used in automobile spraying technology, which can reduce heat dissipation loss, reduce engine quality, reduce engine size and reduce fuel consumption.

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