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Advantages of coating alumina ceramic surface
Time: 2021-02-24   Writer: mingrui

Advantages of coating alumina ceramic surface

Alumina ceramic and diamond than differential that exists only on hardness, but if the alumina ceramic and wear-resisting, or such as stainless steel is wear-resisting performance comparison, its wear-resisting performance on a much larger percentage in the whole, which is why alumina ceramics so important position in the industry, the main factors also ensure its development in different industries are well maintained.
First is very light in weight, and its basic on the density and steel, it is because of alumina ceramics with high density, if it is used as equipment parts, can effectively just love the equipment on the load is reduced, and ensure the normal operation of the equipment, and will not have any impact on equipment.
Followed by alumina ceramics on wear-resisting performance is very high, the overall on the wear-resisting performance is many times higher than that of manganese steel, if they are in the same situation, using alumina ceramics or manganese steel, alumina ceramics on the application of advantage is very outstanding, at least use ten times more than the manganese steel, even longer fixed number of year, and will not damage.
Currently on the market, a new type of alumina ceramic technology, directly on the surface of the alumina ceramic coating processing, common have electronic radiation coating, vacuum coating, or steamed coating such as different forms, the different way of technology, can effectively use to strengthen and improve on the process of alumina ceramics.
In fact, the surface of alumina ceramics coated with silicon compounds, under normal circumstances, need to be between 1200℃-1580℃ under high temperature, the main factor to choose this kind of high temperature is to better ensure the tempering degree of alumina ceramics, but also can be appropriate and effective in the strength of alumina ceramics to enhance and increase.

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