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Ceramic parts processing to the blank requirements
Time: 2021-03-10   Writer: mingrui

Ceramic parts processing to the blank requirements

Processing characteristics of ceramic parts
1. Ceramic parts processing with high automation and high production efficiency.All the machining processes can be completed automatically by CNC machine tools except manual clamping of blanks.If combined with automatic loading and unloading means, it is the basic component of unmanned control factory.CNC machining ceramic parts reduces the labor intensity of the operator and improves the working conditions;The production efficiency is improved effectively by eliminating scribing, multiple clamping positioning, detection and other procedures and their auxiliary operations.
2. Strong adaptability to ceramic parts processing objects.When changing the processing object, in addition to replacing the tool and solving the blank clamping way, only need to reprogram, do not need to make any other complex adjustment, thus shortening the production preparation cycle.
3. High machining accuracy and stable quality.The machining dimension precision is between 0.005 ~ 0.01mm, which is not affected by the complexity of parts.Because most of the operation is completed automatically by the bed, the human error is eliminated and the size consistency of the batch parts is improved. At the same time, the position detection device is also adopted on the precision controlled machine tool, which improves the precision of the processing of precision ceramic parts.

4. The processing characteristics of ceramic parts have two points: one is that it can greatly improve the processing accuracy, including the processing quality accuracy and processing time error accuracy;The second is the repeatability of the processing quality, which can stabilize the processing quality and maintain the consistency of the processing quality of ceramic parts.
Ceramic parts processing to the blank requirements
Used in our daily life to a lot of parts in the process of machining is inseparable from the mechanical processing, mechanical processing of ceramic parts processing speed is very fast, can help manufacturers provide higher productivity, nc machining is a kind of continuous processing method, suitable for a large number of complex shape parts.
In the design process, the processing of ceramic parts should not only meet the requirements of its use, but also have the ability to process according to the needs, and also meet the production requirements in the process of operation.Precision ceramic parts processing technology is convenient, the processing cost is very low in the design process.To some extent, such parts will be said to have good workmanship.In the process of selecting the blank, it is necessary to adopt the method of preparing the blank under the reasonable quantity of mechanical manufacture.In the process of operation, profiles, casting, forging, welding and stamping are directly used.The selection of blanks is related to the specific production process conditions and generally depends on the use of blanks.Production lot, capacity, performance and processing possibilities.With the improvement of precision machining precision and surface roughness of precision ceramic parts, the machining cost of precision ceramic parts will be higher and higher.In the case of high precision, this increase is extremely significant.Therefore, when there is no sufficient basis, high precision should not be pursued.Similarly, the surface roughness of the parts should also be adjusted according to the actual needs of the matching surface.

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