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Five-axis processing high-precision ceramic parts processing
Time: 2021-02-19   Writer: mingrui

Five-axis processing high-precision ceramic parts processing


In order to meet the needs of customers with high efficiency, high precision and high reliability, we have been adhering to the consistent, focused and continuous improvement of the spirit of innovation to create new thinking and design, combination of a series of new products, with high quality, high-tech, cost-effective, to meet the market demand.

Five-axis ceramic parts processing equipment with high accuracy, large torque, long life and maintenance free on the basis of strengthening rigidity, five-axis ceramic parts processing and manufacturing capacity, perfect application in high-precision manufacturing and processing industry.

Function features:

1, the use of high precision cross roller bearings, high rigidity, more conducive to directly support the external load (output flange);

2. Adopt ultra-precision gear transmission;

3, High torque, high precision, high rigidity.


Five-axis ceramic parts processing can undertake complex high-precision ceramic parts processing and manufacturing, with high efficiency, high precision, a processing molding and other characteristics.

Quality control: each workpiece is attached with a processing information table, including a processing of each part of the theoretical data and actual test data;The cutting edge, the theory and test data of the cutting edge;Machining problem points;Processing information such as problem points of original workpiece.If any abnormality is found in the process of processing, timely communicate with the customer, and process and manufacture according to the new plan after the customer's confirmation.

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