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Principles and techniques for product design of mechanical ceramic parts
Time: 2021-02-19   Writer: mingrui

Principles and techniques for product design of mechanical ceramic parts


1: mechanical ceramic parts product design principles: reasonable design should be in the premise of ensuring the necessary functions of ceramic parts products, how to make the lowest manufacturing cost, first of all to meet the following requirements

(l) Customer requirements for product functions and services must be met.Construction machinery provides customers with not only the functions of ceramic parts products, but also the after-sales service to support these functions.Therefore, in the design process, we should not only aim at the different functional characteristics of the products, but also make the ceramic parts products have good maintenance convenience.

(2) Comply with industrial development policies and relevant laws and regulations.

(3) Adhere to the "three" principle of standardization, generalization and serialization. 

(4) in line with social requirements for environmental protection. 

(5) It conforms to the law of technological innovation and attaches importance to the protection of intellectual property rights. 

(6) Based on the actual technology level and production capacity of the enterprise, the combination of design, technology and production is emphasized.

2: ceramic parts product design is not only the pattern design, but also includes process design and production design.Production design should be studied mainly from the following aspects:

(1) simplify the function or shape of the parts;

(2) maximize the realization of product standardization, generalization, serialization;

(3) As far as possible to make the design drawings specified in the material brand, variety, specifications and the use of existing materials consistent;

(4) combine the blank technology with the processing technology more effectively;

(5) Judging the rationality of the process design according to the processing technology, operating rules and relevant information used in the current normal production of the enterprise;

The choice of mature processing technology can guarantee the size of the tolerance and surface roughness; 

Comprehensive analysis of information related to the production process

3. Adopt the principle of "three modernizations"

(l) As far as possible, standard parts shall be selected or modified with standard parts or purchased parts.

(2) When designing splines and threads, it should be easy to use standard cutting tools and measuring tools for processing and testing. In particular, the existing cutting tools and measuring tools of enterprises should be given priority.

(3) the design of large structural parts and steel castings, try to use fasteners without tapping, such as welding nut plate instead of screw hole.When designing large workpieces, it should be considered to use the hole formed as a reference to weld the nut plate.

(4) try to choose the existing mature parts, or mature structure and process methods, so that the product serialization, generalization.With this "building blocks" method, we can accelerate the design speed, shorten the trial production cycle of new product prototype, and occupy the market as soon as possible.

(5) Establish the enterprise's own "standard parts library" to speed up the design and trial production progress.Heintek Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., which is specialized in the manufacture of bingou machine, has established and gradually improved the "factory standard parts" system and "factory standard parts library", which select the same or similar parts used in more than three main products as factory standard parts.

(6) As far as possible, choose uniform taper, uniform plate thickness size and uniform steel casting materials. 

4: ceramic parts from the shape and structure of the improved design

(1) minimize parts.Combine several parts into a single part, e.g. replace ceramic welds with stamping parts to reduce the number of miles of parts.

(2) the parts are designed into a symmetrical structure form.

(3) The parts of similar shape used in several products are designed to be universal parts.

(4) simplify the shape of each part, improve the shape of the parts, reduce the shape of the bending, sometimes can also be pressed to ensure that the dimensional accuracy of the parts into welding parts.

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