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What are the advantages of zirconia ceramic rods?
Time: 2020-01-17   Writer: mingrui

Compared with other materials of the same type of products, ceramic bar has a large demand and a higher trend, because it has the following advantages.

What are the advantages of ceramic rods?

Strong weather resistance

Ceramic rods using zirconium oxide or alumina as production materials, compared to similar products, the advantage is quite obvious, it has a strong weather resistance.Neither sunshine, rain, nor moisture has any effect on the surface and substrate of the ceramic rod.The color of corrosion-resistant ceramic rod is also very stable under ultraviolet irradiation, and it is in good conformity with international standards in terms of impact resistance, strength and elasticity.

Extremely strong stability

Ceramic bar is generally made of zirconium oxide, which is a relatively leading technology in the industry, first of all, it is simpler to clean, has a good fire resistance, will not melt, low or explosion, and can maintain stability for a long time, so the stability is very strong.Moreover, the ceramic rod is easy to maintain, and there is no need to add any anti-corrosion paint or protective layer on the surface. It is easy to use and has a long life.

High wear resistance

Ceramic rods are made of high precision materials, which enhance the mechanical strength and hardness of the ceramics during the high-temperature firing process.Therefore, ceramic rod has a good performance in the aspect of impact force. After a long time of proof and many tests, the wear resistance is also very strong, and the appearance will not be damaged after long-term use.In a variety of harsh working environment, the advantage of ceramic bar is more significant, which also makes the acid-resistant ceramic bar become the only choice under harsh working conditions.

Ceramic rod is widely used in various fields because of its weather resistance, stability and high wear resistance.In addition to the ceramic bar can be used in the normal environment, in the high temperature, high pressure, easy to corrode the harsh working environment, the use of ceramic bar can not only ensure the normal operation of the instrument, will not occur fracture, wear, corrosion and other conditions, will not damage the instrument.

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