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Application of wear-resisting ceramics in mineral processing industry
Time: 2019-05-05   Writer: mingrui

Application of wear-resisting ceramics in mineral processing industry

Material conveying system: hopper side guard, hopper feeding chute, belt roller, ceramic belt sweeper, wear-resisting ceramic roller, stacker and reclaimer, ore dressing hopper, hopper, grate of vibrating feeder, slot of zipper feeder, etc.
Slurry conveying system:
tailings slag pipe, elbow, ceramic valve, rubber hose, ceramic clamp valve, screw conveyor, etc.;
Separation system:
cyclone, magnetic separator cylinder, ceramic vacuum filter, cyclone vertebra, etc.
Medium-speed grinding (vertical grinding) :
vertical grinding feed chute, three-way air lock valve, vertical grinding roller protection sleeve, vertical grinding roller seal ring, vertical grinding cylinder body, vertical grinding nozzle ring, vertical grinding spout plate, vertical grinding inner cone, separator cone, separator static blade, separator support rod, separator shell, vertical grinding outlet air pipe, cyclone tube, etc.;

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