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LPCVD cantilever boat vacuum
Time: 2018-11-12   Writer: mingrui
LPCVD cantilever boat vacuum chuck is mainly used for the preparation of thin films in the semiconductor photovoltaic industry. The cantilever boat is a key component of the upper and lower charging machine, such as diffused upper and lower material. It is mainly used for silicon loading and unloading before and after diffusion.
A cantilever boat or a loading and unloading machine, which is made of precision, wearable and high temperature ceramic structure, usually consists of 50 vacuum suction cups, which can be used to load 50 pieces of silicon at one time. The cantilever boat with ceramic structure has the advantages of no deformation, no pollution and easy maintenance. The loading and unloading of the silicon wafer by a soft landing by the suction of the vacuum suction cup and the weight of the wafer itself can greatly reduce the rate of debris and the accuracy of the carrier. The vacuum suction cup single chip error can be controlled within 0.005mm, and the superposition error of 50 pieces is not more than 0.2mm.
LPCVD quartz boat, diffusion quartz boat and zirconia bearing boat are mainly used for the preparation of thin films in the semiconductor photovoltaic industry. In the LPCVD (low pressure chemical vapor deposition) process, the quartz boat is the carrier of silicon wafers in the reaction chamber.
Zirconia ceramic structure master ceramic production ceramic quartz boat with precision wear-resistant high temperature, mainly 4.76, 2.38 two pitch. The zirconia boat has high strength, no deformation and no pollution. It is not easy to adhere to the boat during the diffusion process. It is easy to maintain and has longer service life than the ordinary quartz boat.

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