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Installation of linear ceramic slide track for screw lift
Time: 2021-01-06   Writer: mingrui

Installation of linear ceramic slide track for screw lift


Installation of linear ceramic slide track for screw lift

Good installation quality is based on following the installation design principles and installation steps of the screw lift. The following are the design and installation steps that should be paid attention to when installing the linear ceramic slide track.Tighten the positioning screws of the ceramic slide track slightly from the middle to both sides in order to make the track fit slightly with the vertical mounting surface.The order is from the middle to both ends of the compression can be more stable accuracy.

After a slight tightening of the vertical datum plane, the locking force of the lateral datum plane is strengthened so that the main rail can actually fit the lateral datum plane.Linear ceramic bearing is mainly used in automation machinery more, of course, linear ceramic bearing and linear ceramic shaft is matching.Linear ceramic guides are mainly used in mechanical structures with high accuracy requirements

Instead of an intermediate medium between the moving ceramic element and the fixed ceramic element of the screw lift, a rolling steel ball is used.Because the rolling ball is suitable for high speed movement, low friction coefficient, high sensitivity, meet the working requirements of moving parts, such as the tool rest of the machine tool, such as the drag plate.If the force acting on the steel ball is too large, the preloading time of the steel ball is too long, leading to the increase of motion resistance of the ceramic bracket.There's a balancing act;In order to improve the sensitivity of the system, reduce the motion resistance, and reduce the preloading accordingly, and in order to improve the motion accuracy and accuracy of the maintenance, it is required to have enough preloading negative numbers, this is the two aspects of the contradiction.The design of the ceramic rail system aims to increase the contact area between the fixed ceramic element and the moving ceramic element, which can not only improve the bearing capacity of the system, but also the system can withstand the impact force of intermittent cutting or gravity cutting, so as to spread the force widely and expand the bearing area.The development of synchronous belt pulley manufacturing technology shows the improvement of precision level and production efficiency to a large extent.Since the 1970s, the manufacturing accuracy of various synchronous belt wheels, coupled with the improvement of tool materials, hobbing efficiency has been significantly improved.

After strengthening the rigidity of ceramic tool holder and column, the efficiency is improved obviously.The number of strokes of the new gear shaper can reach 2000 times per minute.The development of low noise synchronous belt pulley system is some characteristics of synchronous belt pulley design.In order to achieve the miniaturization of the synchronous belt pulley, the carrying thrust of the existing involute synchronous belt pulley can be improved.Hard tooth surface technology is widely used in many countries to improve the hardness and reduce the size of the device.May also apply to the arc synchronous belt wheel as a representative of the special tooth shape.

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