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Problems caused by improper processing arrangement of ceramic parts
Time: 2020-11-18   Writer: mingrui

Problems caused by improper processing arrangement of ceramic parts


Using ceramic parts processing equipment for processing, high efficiency, good quality, but if the ceramic parts of the process design arrangement is not appropriate, it can not reflect its advantages.From the experience of some ceramic parts processing plants, there are some problems as follows:


1, ceramic parts processing process is too scattered


The reason for this problem lies in the fear of complexity (refers to the preparation time), the programming is simple, simplified operation and processing, using a knife processing easy to adjust the knife, used to common ceramic parts processing.As a result, the product quality (position tolerance) is not easy to ensure that the production efficiency can not play well.Therefore, ceramic parts processing technology personnel and operators should be fully familiar with CNC machining knowledge, try more, to master the relevant knowledge, as far as possible to use the method of process concentration processing, multi-purpose a few times, natural will reflect its advantages.After the adoption of process concentration, the processing time of unit ceramic parts increases. We arrange the two equipment face to face, realizing the operation of two equipment by one person, which greatly improves the efficiency and guarantees the quality.

2, ceramic parts processing sequence is not reasonable


Some ceramic parts processing operators to consider some problems on the preparation, often the ceramic parts processing order is extremely unreasonable.CNC ceramic parts processing usually according to the general mechanical ceramic parts processing technology system requirements for processing, such as the first coarse after fine (tool change), after the first inside and outside, reasonable choice of cutting parameters, so that the quality and efficiency can be improved.


G00(G26, G27, G29) fast location instruction is used with caution, which brings great convenience to programming and use.However, if the device is set and used improperly, it will often cause negative consequences such as overshock when the speed is set to zero, decrease in accuracy, and strain of the equipment guide face.The return to zero route is not paid attention to, easy to produce safety accidents of colliding workpiece and equipment.Therefore, when considering the use of the G00 directive, be considerate and not arbitrary.


In the machining of CNC ceramic parts, we should pay special attention to the retrieval and trial operation of the program.After the program is input into the control system, the operator should use SCH key and ↑, ↓, ←, → move key for uncertain and certain retrieval, modify the program when necessary to ensure the accuracy of the program.At the same time, before the formal execution of the ceramic parts processing program, must go through the program trial run (open power amplifier), to confirm whether the processing route is consistent with the design route.


The above is the use of ceramic parts processing equipment when some common problems and solutions.In the actual work may also encounter some other problems, but as long as the ceramic parts processing engineering technicians and operators brainpower, carefully master the knowledge and skills related to numerical control, numerical control equipment can be very good for the enterprise to play the maximum benefit.

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