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Wear - resistant ceramics used in fan impeller
Time: 2019-05-05   Writer: mingrui

Wear - resistant ceramics used in fan impeller

Powder conveying in modern industrial enterprises is basically carried by closed pipelines. As a power source, fans are indispensable equipment.However, the fan impeller, as a consumable part, is generally subject to serious wear and tear. If it is not repaired in time, it is very likely to cause the bearing bush to burn out, even cause the blade fracture and speed accident, which will seriously affect the system security and economic benefits.
Traditional blade surface anti-wear technology is mainly wear-resistant surfacing welding, due to the construction process, the working face instant high temperature heat, the thermal stress and deformation of the impeller is difficult to overcome.
In recent years, the higher hardness of wear resistant ceramic application on fan impeller is a hot topic, but in high speed blower impeller is installed on wear-resisting ceramics is not a simple process, here not only to overcome the ceramic in the centrifugal force generated by high speed, but also overcome the temperature, humidity, corrosion and viscose for ceramics, it also involves the male aerodynamics and tribology theory, it can be said that the wear-resisting ceramics used in fan impeller represents the wear-resisting ceramics with high technology.
Performance characteristics:
The wear resistance is improved by 20 times: the fan impeller is typical of low impact Angle wear, the ceramic in this condition has a higher wear resistance, more than 20 times the wear resistance of hardfacing welding;
Maintain the original structure of the impeller: compared with the thermal stress and deformation of the impeller caused by surface surfacing welding, thermal spraying and other thermal processes, wear-resistant ceramic installation belongs to cold anti-wear, and hardly affects the original structure of the impeller;
Lower energy consumption by reducing impeller weight: ceramic density is only 1/3 of that of wear-resistant surfacing welding, and weight gain is smaller than that of wear-resistant surfacing welding, reducing equipment load and extending bearing life.
Ceramic installation is firm, safe and reliable operation: the current ceramic impeller anti-wear process is paste, this process mainly USES inorganic adhesive paste wear engineering ceramic block in the impeller blade and (after) row and other easy wear position.

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