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Introduction to elbow friction and impact
Time: 2021-03-17   Writer: mingrui

Introduction to elbow friction and impact

Elbow friction and wear
When materials are transported by air or pass through bend pipe under the action of gravity, a large number of materials and the inner wall of pipe will produce relative sliding and friction.When the movement speed of the material is fast, the material in the elbow wall of the local surface cutting a small groove, the formation of wear groove.As the conveying continued, as far as company introduction bent pipe wall more and more the number of the trench, scratch is becoming more and more deep, make the bent pipe wall roughness increases, at the same time, the inner wall of the elbow will continue to produce new trench, new trench to continue after the wash and wear, will eventually lead to bend is worn through, thus cause the serious wear and tear of pipe, influence the stability of production.

Elbow impact wear
In the process of material transportation in the pipeline, if the elbow is encountered, the material will impact the inner wall surface of the elbow at a high speed, causing plastic deformation of the material on the inner wall surface of the elbow and vibration of the pipeline.Along with the continuous process of transportation, materials continuously impact the inner wall of the elbow, causing fatigue and cracks on the local surface structure. At the same time, the vibration caused by impact will eventually cause the local surface materials of the elbow to fall off due to fatigue damage.

After the collision between the material and the inner wall of the bend, the energy loss is that when the material particles collide with the wall, the stress generated is proportional to the energy of the particles, that is, the greater the mass of the material particles and the conveying speed, the greater the wear of the elbow.

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