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Benefits of using ceramic liner in oil drilling mud pumps
Time: 2020-09-10   Writer: mingrui

Benefits of using ceramic liner in oil drilling mud pumps


In the application of ceramic cylinder liner in oil drilling, the high-pressure mud pump is the heart of the drilling platform, in which the cylinder liner is the most important part of the mud pump, the cylinder liner to withstand high pressure, high wear, strong corrosion working conditions.At present, the normal application of mud pump cylinder liner at home and abroad is mainly double metal cylinder liner and engineering structure ceramic cylinder liner!The main difference between the two is the liner material of the cylinder liner.The inner lining of bimetal cylinder liner is metallic material of high chromium cast iron, and the inner lining of ceramic cylinder liner is alumina or zirconia structure ceramic material.

As we all know, zirconia ceramics, alumina ceramics in industrial ceramic materials have high temperature corrosion resistance, impact resistance, good flexural strength, toughness, long service life, and their wear resistance is much better than metal materials!So the advantages of mud pump ceramic cylinder liner reflected in?


1. Choose suitable ceramic inner sleeve according to the mud pump and drilling conditions, adopt high-quality forged carbon steel outer coat, strictly control tolerance size, and ensure the flexibility and convenience of on-site installation.2. The inherent high hardness of high-tech ceramic materials can meet the service life of more than 4000 hours.


3, ceramic unique microstructure and high-precision processing, to ensure its smooth working face, piston and ceramic working face friction and wear matching experiment, the piston service life can reach more than 200 hours.


4. Special low stress ceramic metal assembly technology and standard production operation to ensure stable and reliable quality.


5. In recent years, ceramic liner products have been widely used in various oil Wells at home and abroad.


6, can support the use of lanshi sapphire bluestone and various mud pumps at home and abroad.



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