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Properties of microporous ceramic suckers
Time: 2020-01-17   Writer: mingrui

High density ceramic vacuum chuck (porous ceramic vacuum chuck), special porous ceramic material with an aperture of 2~3 microns, not easy to block the vacuum force, part of the area adsorption, but also as an air floating platform, widely used in semiconductor, panel, laser process and non-contact linear slide rail.Porous ceramic vacuum suckers are sealed with air to sustain transmission, and the device is intended for use only on flat, non-porous surfaces.Product categories: ceramic plunger, ceramic pump core, ceramic valve core, ceramic piston, ceramic shaft sleeve, ceramic sucker, microporous ceramics, etc.Materials: aluminum oxide, zirconia, silicon nitride, silicon carbide.The user is usually a machine operator.In the field of metal processing, this is a safe and reliable workpiece transmission.

Porous ceramics and nanometer micropore vacuum cups, calling Mr Refers to the nano powder manufacturing technology with special output homogeneous solid or vacuum ball, through high heat sintering inside the material generates a large number of conjoined with each other or closure of ceramic material, with special structure which has high temperature resistance, wear resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, high mechanical strength, easy regeneration and the advantages of good thermal shock resistance, can be used for high temperature filtration materials, catalyst carrier, porous electrode, sensor, fuel cell membrane separation, biological ceramics, etc, in chemical industry, environmental protection, energy, electronics, biochemistry applications show a unique advantage.

Microporous ceramic vacuum adsorption disk is characterized by high porosity, high strength, high flatness, and very strong adsorption capacity, which is widely used in semiconductor, magnetic materials, electronics industry.

Vacuum suckers require high porosity, with ultra-fine pore sizes ranging from 30 microns to 60 microns.There are many kinds of, the structure of the microporous ceramic shape by a myriad of different specifications of the aluminum silicate ceramic particle collection, set different rules to form a few microns to 0.1 micron free space, after adding high temperature (1500 ℃), the dissolution of dung, then through sintering and get more strength, gap and small, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance of microporous ceramics.After the special craft processing microporous ceramic material, the thickness uniform particles, processing of ceramic plate with uniform pore size distribution, surface after grinding smooth level off, can replace imported materials, is in the production of all kinds of semiconductor chip used in adsorption and bearing of the special tools, used in thinning, scribing, cleaning, handling, such as process, widely used in semiconductor, printing, electronic ceramics industry such as vacuum sucker device. 

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