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Yongzhou Mingrui ceramics Branch

Time: 2022-06-27   Writer: mingrui
The development course of Mingrui Company and Yongzhou Mingrui ceramics Branch
Dongguan Mingrui Ceramics Technology Co., Ltd. was established in March 2014 with a registered capital of 20 million and 150 employees.
Located in the Second industrial zone of Sha, Changan, Dongguan city, the company mainly produces zirconia, alumina, silicon nitride ceramics, make full use of new materials wear resistance, environmental protection, non-toxic, fall resistance, impact resistance, high temperature and other advantages, continuous development and innovation.
Production and sales of ceramic products are widely used in instrumentation, food and medical, solar energy, mechanical hardware, laser semiconductor, petrochemical, automotive military, aerospace, biotechnology, new energy and other high-end fields.

Mingrui ceramics is committed to the development and growth of the field of industrial ceramics precision processing, over the years the factory ceramics precision parts are widely used by domestic and foreign enterprises, and many listed enterprises at home and abroad and top 500 enterprises to establish long-term cooperative relations.
It has a certain influence in the whole domestic and foreign sales market, the quality of ceramic parts is precise, the return rate of customers is 0.2%, the average customer satisfaction is more than 90 points, the industry reputation is good, the company grows fast
Dongguan Mingrui Ceramics Technology Co., Ltd. invested 120 million yuan in Hunan province in August 2018 to establish Yongzhou Mingrui ceramics Technology Co., Ltd. which covers an area of 34.3 mu and is located in Qiyang Economic Development Zone, Hunan Province.
On February 12, 2019, the company to participate in the first quarter of qiyang, head of the industrial projects focus on opening ceremony and speech, as a representative of the project owners yongzhou MingRui compared to the size of the dongguan MingRui ceramic (headquarters) area is larger, can meet the demand of large quantities of ceramic parts processing production, including large products processing, such as: ceramic tube, diameter size can be done up to 700 mm, the length of the ceramic tube can also do 2 m (m).
Yongzhou Mingrui ceramics main business: engaged in zirconia, alumina, silicon nitrite products research and development, production, management of ceramic technology enterprises.
Production and sales of ceramic structural parts are widely used in instruments and meters, food and medical, new energy, mechanical hardware, laser semiconductor, petrochemical, automotive military, aerospace and other high-end fields.

Southeast corner of the intersection of Changliu Road and Wangzhou Road, Qiyang High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Yongzhou City, Hunan Province

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