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High Temperature Flexural Strength of Zirconia Ceramics
Time: 2021-10-29   Writer: Mingrui Ceramics
The emergence of zirconia ceramics is undoubtedly a milestone in the application of new materials. The application of zirconia ceramics in life is not very extensive, but I mention one thing everyone will know about zirconia ceramics. In our kitchen, cotton cutting The material used in the ceramic kitchen knife for cooking is zirconia ceramics. The most direct feeling of this kind of ceramic knife is that the weight is lighter than traditional kitchen knives, and it is more rigid.

Ceramics have indeed brought great convenience to our lives. However, the scope of zirconia ceramics is not limited to these. In fact, it is an excellent refractory material. After testing, it is found that zirconia ceramics have very good high-temperature flexural strength.

Zirconia Ceramic Parts
Zirconia Ceramic Parts
In other words, zirconia ceramics can maintain strong toughness at high temperatures. Because zirconia ceramics have better high-temperature flexural strength than other refractory materials, they have been widely used in the production of refractory products, such as the more common plasma cutting machines in factories. The nozzle is a high temperature resistant component for production under high temperature conditions, and zirconia ceramic is its irreplaceable raw material. The zirconia ceramic nozzle can still maintain a stable structure under high temperature plasma heating to ensure high-pressure airflow. Non-proliferation. Of course, this is just a microcosm of the application of zirconia ceramics in industrial production.
Because most industrial production is carried out under the conditions of high temperature and high pressure, the requirements on the components are even more stringent. First, the components must not burn and melt under high temperature conditions. In addition, they must maintain sufficient strength to support the structure. Zirconium oxide ceramics have good high-temperature compressive strength, and can still maintain stable and tough structural properties in the face of high-temperature baking, and can withstand higher compressive strength at high temperatures. It is a highly reliable high-temperature resistance Material.
As a relatively eye-catching new material, zirconia ceramics have the advantages of wear resistance and high temperature resistance that other materials cannot match, and are the preferred material for high temperature production.

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