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Preparation Methods of Different Stabilized Zirconia
Time: 2021-10-19   Writer: Mingrui Ceramics
Zirconia ceramics are used more and more in various industries. Because of the high temperature resistance and stability of zirconia ceramics, the majority of precision products will choose to use zirconia ceramics instead.
Zirconia Ceramic Structural Parts
Zirconia Ceramic Structural Parts
As a professional manufacturer and supplier of zirconia ceramics, Mingrui Ceramics briefly introduces the preparation methods of different stable zirconia.
Zirconia, which stabilizes refractory materials in the industry, is basically manufactured by the electric fusion method. In the process of zircon fusion, adding an appropriate amount of stabilizer calcium oxide or carbon, then when silicon is removed later, solid solution will also be produced due to the effect of zirconium oxide and calcium oxide, but it needs to be done again. Crushing and sizing treatment, so that relatively stable zirconia can be produced.
The fine ceramics need to be used stable or partially stabilized zirconia. Under normal circumstances, they are obtained by wet manufacturing. However, currently on the market, the most mature and stable method used should be the neutralized precipitation method. First, the purified zirconium oxychloride is dissolved in pure water, the insoluble matter is filtered and removed, the concentration of zirconium contained in the solution is adjusted, and then an appropriate amount of yttrium chloride solution is added. Or other rare earth metals, as well as alkaline earth metals and other chloride solutions, finally add ammonia water for neutralization and precipitation.
The precipitate must be washed with hot water, filtered, dried, and calcined. After the calcined product is pulverized, it can be transformed into ultra-fine and stable zirconia powder. Some stabilized zirconia is manufactured by controlling the amount of stabilizer added to ensure that it cannot be completely stabilized, but there are also some stabilized zirconias that have very high strength and are resistant to thermal vibration. Performance, so it occupies a more important application in the structure of ceramics.

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