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Method to prevent bolt looseness in ceramic parts processing
Time: 2020-11-18   Writer: mingrui

Method to prevent bolt looseness in ceramic parts processing


As ceramic fasteners, ceramic bolts are widely used in power equipment, electromechanical machinery and other industries.The ceramic bolt consists of a head and a screw, and needs to be matched with the ceramic nut for fastening two parts with through holes.Ceramic bolts are non-removable links but may become loose if removed frequently due to special needs.How to ensure that the ceramic bolts do not come loose?This article will introduce the method of bolt loosening in detail.

The commonly used methods to prevent the looseness of ceramic bolts mainly include friction looseness, mechanical looseness and permanent looseness.The first two methods are detachable anti-loose.Permanent anti-loosening is non-dismountable, removable anti-loosening USES gasket, self-locking nut and double nut, etc., this method can continue to be used after disassembly, commonly used permanent anti-loosening mainly for spot welding, riveting and bonding, etc., this way in disassembly will mostly damage to ceramic thread fasteners, can not be repeated use.

First, ceramic bolt friction loosing

1, spring gasket anti-loose: spring gasket assembly after the gasket is flattened, it through the recoil between threads to maintain the compression force and friction force to prevent loose.

2. Anti-loosening of ceramic bolt against nut: additional tension and friction force are applied to the bolt type by using nut against nut.The extra nuts make the job unreliable and are therefore rarely used in machining.

3. Ceramic bolt self-locking nut for loosening: one end of the nut is made into a non-circular closing.When the nut is tightened, the closure expands, and the elasticity of the closure is used to compress the screw threads.This method is simple in structure and is often used in bolt loosening prevention.


Two, ceramic bolt mechanical loosing

1. Locking gasket: After tightening the ceramic nut, bend and fasten the locking washer with single or double ears to the side of the nut and the coupling respectively to prevent loosening.Double stop gasket can also be used to realize that two bolts need double interlock.

2. Series steel wire loosening prevention: low carbon steel wire is inserted into the hole of each screw head to make each screw brake mutually.This structure requires attention to the direction in which the wire is threaded.

Three, ceramic bolts permanent anti - loose

1. Blanking method: after the nut is tightened, the thread is broken at the punch point at the end of the thread.

2. Bonding and loosening control: Apply the anaerobic adhesive to the screwing surface. After tightening the nut, the binder can solidify by itself, which has a good anti-loosening effect.

Above is the production of ceramic parts commonly used in the processing of several ways to prevent loose bolts, in the daily processing, according to the actual situation to choose the appropriate way to prevent loose.

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