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Factors influencing machining accuracy of ceramic products
Time: 2020-11-04   Writer: mingrui

Factors influencing machining accuracy of ceramic products


Factors influencing machining accuracy of ceramic products

CNC machine tools are mainly composed of two parts: CNC component system and machine tool processing system. In the actual processing and production process, there are five main factors that affect the machining accuracy of ceramic products.

Factors influencing machining accuracy of ceramic products

1 The machine is heated up

In the process of operation, the numerical control machine tool itself will produce a certain quantity of heat, the friction factors such as work, such as motor parts, lead to rising temperature of the machine tool, component, structure, system, etc are adverse impact on the thermal effect, such as machine tool in the thermal expansion, wear parts, components, circuit burned wait for a phenomenon, reduce the machining precision of ceramic parts.In addition, the installation of machine tools is mostly in places without ventilation, limited heat dissipation conditions and other external environmental conditions, will also cause temperature rise.This will increase the burden of machine operation, reduce the precision of parts processing, serious may cause mechanical failure, directly affect the processing efficiency and quality of ceramic products.

2. Error and wear of tool itself

The tool in the machine tool is also one of the machining parts of the ceramic product.In the process of tool installation, manual operation can also affect the machining accuracy.In the process of use, because of the tool and the workpiece to be processed for a long time contact, friction and high temperature caused by deformation factors, will also make the tool to produce different degrees of wear.Of course, when the wear accumulation to a certain extent, it will also have a significant impact on the machining accuracy of ceramic products.

3. Machining position error of ceramic products

CNC machine parts have surface, shape, radian, relative relation and other basic error requirements, ceramic product processing to complete the design requirements of the parts, to achieve the performance and quality requirements of ceramic product processing.In the process of machine tool processing, it is affected by various factors such as transmission parts, rotating shaft and component friction force, resulting in the appearance, size, relative relation and other aspects of the precision of ceramic product parts, reducing the processing precision of ceramic product parts.For example: in the process of machine tool processing, the swing Angle of the machining axis error, will lead to the shape of ceramic product parts deformation, precision reduction, and even lead to the ceramic product parts batch scrap, bring great economic losses to the enterprise.

4. Machining system error of ceramic products

CNC machine tool machine tool processing system is the direct implementation of parts processing part, is by a number of subsystems, sub-components and other in accordance with a certain way to set up, work together to play the role of the whole, the operation of each component will affect the machining accuracy of the whole ceramic product processing system.Therefore, the system error is caused by a number of components in the process of installation and operation, which can only be reduced as far as possible by means of technological progress and improvement of construction schedule.

5. Deformation error of ceramic products

CNC machine tools in the long-term processing and use of the process will be affected by external forces, such as clamping force, gravity, friction, and so on, so that the machining system deformation, loosening, elastic deformation, displacement and other deformation phenomenon, resulting in the machine tool production accuracy and production efficiency decline.Under the influence of external forces, the machine tool will not only reduce the processing precision of ceramic products, but also cause damage to the machine tool in serious cases, affecting the service life.Therefore, to pay attention to the influence of external forces on CNC machine tools, reduce the impact of machine tools.

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