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How to measure the dimensional precision of ceramic products
Time: 2020-11-25   Writer: mingrui

How to measure the dimensional precision of ceramic products

For ceramic processing industry operators, in the process of ceramic processing, should be attention to ceramic workpiece precision, the machining precision of ceramic parts refers to the actual geometric parameters of the ceramic parts with drawing, conforms to the extent of the geometric parameters of the ideal conformity degree is higher, prove that the better precision, so the ceramic parts when put into use, to ensure that the use effect of ceramic parts.

ceramic parts

In ceramic processing, there are mainly the following methods to obtain the dimensional accuracy of ceramic parts:
1. Trial cutting method
The test cutting method is to cut out a small part of the surface, measure the size, adjust the cutting edge position of the cutter according to the requirements, repeat the test cutting, measurement and adjustment steps, after several times of this step, when the ceramic parts are machined to the required size, then cut the whole ceramic machining surface.
There are many ways of trial-cutting in the processing of ceramic parts. For example, the trial-boring process of box hole system is used to obtain the dimensional precision of ceramic parts.
The test cutting method achieves high precision and does not require complex devices. This method is time-consuming and laborious, low efficiency, and requires high technical level for operators, so it is only suitable for the production of ceramic parts processing in small batches.
2. Adjustment method
The exact relative positions of machine tools, fixtures, cutting tools and ceramic parts are adjusted in advance with ceramic parts or standard parts to ensure the dimensional accuracy of ceramic parts.
Because the size of ceramic parts is adjusted in place in advance, so when processing, do not have to try to cut, the size is automatically obtained, and the position of the processed ceramic parts in a batch remains unchanged, this is the adjustment method.
ceramic parts
In production, the use of milling machine jig, is the adjustment method.
The position of the tool is determined according to the knife block, the adjustment method is to use the positioning device of the machine tool on the tool device or is the tool holder in advance, so that the machine tool and the fixture reach a certain position accuracy, processing a batch of workpiece.
The adjustment method is more stable than the trial cutting method in the processing of ceramic parts precision, high efficiency, often used in batch or mass production.
3. Sizing method
The corresponding size of the cutting tool to ensure the size of the ceramic parts to be processed, this method is called the size method, which mainly USES the standard size of the cutting tool processing, the size of the machining surface according to the size of the cutting tool.
The cutter with certain dimensional precision can ensure the precision of the ceramic parts to be machined.
This method is more convenient to obtain the precision operation of ceramic parts, the production efficiency is relatively high, the processing precision is also relatively stable, for the operator's ability to rely on low, so it is widely used in the production of various ceramic parts.
4. Active measurement
During the processing of ceramic parts, the dimension of ceramic parts shall be measured while processing, and the measurement results shall be compared with the dimensions required by the design, and the machine shall be improved or stopped working through the work of machine tools.
The quality of active measurement is more stable and the production efficiency is higher.

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