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Analysis insulating ceramic materials
Time: 2020-07-16   Writer: mingrui
Analysis insulating ceramic materials
Insulating ceramic material with its beautiful, clean, practical and by many people's favor, in the modern society's development is more and more rapid, many people are concerned about this product.
The deformation of insulating ceramic materials in life generally has the following several circumstances, elastic deformation, statue deformation and fracture, the causes of these different deformation are different, the impact is also different, the following for you to introduce these deformation conditions.
1. Elastic deformation of insulating ceramic materials
The elastic deformation of ceramic materials mainly refers to the fact that the material has no obvious shape change under the action of static tension, but some deformation has occurred inside the material, which is mainly manifested as the deformation inside the material. It is different from the metal material, and generally we cannot see it with the naked eye.
2. Plastic deformation of insulating ceramics
Plastic deformation of ceramic materials is generally deformation at high temperature and fracture during movement.
Due to the rising temperature, the ceramic material has the ability of plastic deformation, coupled with the change of the internal structure of the material, plastic deformation occurs.

Analysis insulating ceramic materials

3. Fracture of insulating ceramic materials
The fracture of insulating ceramic material is generally caused by the deformation of strong tension, because the ceramic material itself is relatively brittle, tensile strength is not high, so it is easy to fracture in the action of external forces.
In order to reduce the deformation of insulating ceramic material, we should strengthen its hardness and tensile strength. When the ceramic material is fired, the technology should be optimized to make the hardness of ceramic material reach a higher standard, so that we can use this material more widely.
Above is the deformation of insulating ceramic material.

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