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Advantages of ceramic cylinder liner
Time: 2020-09-04   Writer: mingrui

Advantages of ceramic cylinder liner


High-pressure mud pump is the heart of oilfield drilling system, responsible for conveying mud to the hole, complete the transfer of material and energy cylinder liner is the key component of the mud pump, because the cylinder liner under high pressure for a long time relative reciprocating movement, so the cylinder liner is easy to wear parts of the mud pump.

The traditional cylinder liner is made of metal materials, poor wear resistance, very short service life!As humans to global oil gas resources the expansion of the limits of mining areas, gradually toward the desert, desert, deep sea, find ever deeper Wells, well conditions is more and more bad, a lot of metal cylinder liner is frequently change is difficult to meet the requirements of drilling of high pressure and strong wear, our company production of zirconia ceramics, high performance of 95-99.99 alumina ceramic material system of ceramic liner.


Ceramic cylinder liner raw materials using high purity nano zirconia and alumina powder, through the advanced cold pressing process of a molding, high temperature sintering, assembly, and finally through high precision grinding and polishing.The ceramic cylinder liner has high abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, high fracture toughness and acid and alkali corrosion resistance.


Compared with metal cylinder liner, ceramic cylinder liner has the following advantages:


1. 5-10 times longer life than metal cylinder liner;

2. It has the advantages of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high pressure resistance, high temperature resistance, high strength and high hardness;

3. Reduce the transportation cost, maintenance cost, labor cost and storage cost of drilling;

4, ceramic cylinder liner is more ductile, longer life, more save lubrication water, reduce piston wear.

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