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What are the advantages of wear-resistant ceramic valves?
Time: 2021-03-17   Writer: mingrui

What are the advantages of wear-resistant ceramic valves?

At present, there are still metal valves in the industry. How to say that metal valves have been used in the word market for hundreds of years, but with the change of bad weather, metal valves are limited by external factors, with the development of technology. Ceramic valves have also gradually come to the market.

The small deformation of the ceramic valve material is much higher than the metal strength. Under normal conditions, the crystal ionic radius of the ceramic valve data is small, and the ion number is also high. The properties of the ceramic valve are determined. The tensile strength, compressive strength, modulus of elasticity, hardness, etc. are all very high. However, the "brittle" and difficult processing of ceramic itself limits the scope of its use. In the past ten years, because of the martensitic transformation toughening skills and the development and improvement of composite technology and nano-ceramic concepts, ceramics have been made " The brittleness has been greatly improved, and the toughness and strength of ceramic valves have been greatly improved. The limitations of use always extend from time to time.
Ceramic valves can meet the application of high wear and strong erosion, especially the characteristics of the bulge is the long service life, the function price of ceramic valves is far superior to other similar metal valves. With the scientific skills from time to time to develop and improve the ceramics valve materials, from the forming and processing and assembly processes and other aspects of the skills are becoming more mature and complete, ceramic valves with the excellent function has won the recognition of the valve industry. The success of applying ceramic valves has been experienced and can be pursued for use in more general engineering areas.
With the development of the economy, ceramic valves are very valuable in the use of petroleum and chemical machinery. Of course, the wear resistance of ceramic valves and the replacement of corrosion-resistant parts are one of the main development biases in the future high-tech market. It is.
The above is the summary of Mingrui Ceramics. What are the advantages of wear-resistant ceramic valves? I hope to help everyone.
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