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What are the characteristics of ceramic rods?
Time: 2021-03-17   Writer: mingrui

What are the characteristics of ceramic rods?

Ceramic bar has the following characteristics:

(1) ceramic bar accepts high performance technical ceramic material with high hardness, abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and other properties.Zirconia ceramic material has reliable performance.
(2) the ceramic bar is processed with zirconia material and has self-lubricating effect, which changes the traditional sliding friction and lubrication mechanism of metal bar.

(3) accept fluid layout with metal inner cavity appearance, without dead Angle and groove.The appearance of the inner cavity and the bar body jointly accept the processing of the predecessors' high-precision internal and external cylindrical grinder to the mirror surface, the appearance of vibration polishing, convenient washing and disinfection.

(4) pump body layout acceptance and product layout delicate sealing, easy to disassemble.

(5) the ceramic bar has been tested for its corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and its various indexes have reached the level of similar foreign products.
1. Anti-impact -- its layout makes the panel have a strong resistance. This feature is based on the sag test results of bsen438-2/91 mobile sphere, which has been verified by the same common practical use.

2, Scratch resistance - special appearance layout, so that the ceramic bar has scratch resistance, even by a variety of hard objects can be long-term connection shape is not damaged.

3. Abrasion resistance -- the test of bsen438-2/91 proves that the ceramic bar has a strong abrasion resistance, which is applicable to places where heavy objects are arranged or where frequent washing is required.

4. Easy washing -- precise non-seepage appearance makes dust not easy to adhere to it. Therefore, this product can be washed easily with relevant solvent without any influence on color breeding.

5. Moistureproof - ceramic bar water absorption can be comparable to glass, so it will not be affected by weather changes and moisture, nor rot or incubation mold.

6. Uv resistance -- the uv resistance performance of ceramic bar and the stable performance of panel color have reached the international scale JS0105A02. Therefore, ceramic bar is not affected by weather change.

7. Fire resistance -- according to the test of bsen 438-2/91, the appearance of ceramic bar is highly protective against burning cigarettes.The material is flame retardant, the panel will not melt and can be linked for a long time.

8. Anti-static - according to DIN51953 and DIN53482, ceramic rods are proved to be anti-static material, which makes the panel very useful in dust-free areas, optical industry and strategy machine industry.

9. Resistance to chemical decay -- ceramic rods exhibit strong resistance to chemical decay, such as acid resistance, oxidation resistance to toluene, and the like.Ceramic rods can also be used to guard against disinfectants, chemical lathers and the erosion of food juices and dyes.They do not affect the properties or appearance of ceramic rods.

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