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Performance and use of ceramic plunger
Time: 2020-08-20   Writer: mingrui

Performance and use of ceramic plunger


Ceramic plunger is a new high-tech ceramic material product developed in recent years. It can be inlaid and bonded with metal core shaft.The outer tube is made of ceramic material. The ceramic tube and the core shaft sleeve have threads and are bonded with anaerobic adhesive to prevent looseness.What factors are involved in the performance and service life of ceramic plungers?

1. Compared with metal plunger, ceramic plunger has rough appearance, low friction resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, service life is 3 years.Alumina or zirconia ceramic plunger series produced by precision processing are widely used in petroleum, chemical, food, textile, medical and other industries.Ceramic plungers are extremely resistant to wear, corrosion and impact.The matching precision of the ceramic plunger shaft and coat can reach 0.001mm, and the finish can achieve the mirror effect, thus reducing the friction coefficient, greatly extending the service life of the plunger, improve the starting efficiency.


2. Ceramic plungers are isostatic formed to ensure consistency of density so that they will not break due to the suspicion of density during operation.Diamond is selected for fine polishing of its outer surface to minimize the roughness of its outer surface, thus increasing lubricity and durability.


3. Aiming at the disadvantages of poor corrosion resistance and short service life of metal plungers used in petroleum, chemical and food machinery industries, as well as the reliability and easy shedding of ceramic plungers, another high-tech product is developed.It is characterized by zirconia ceramics on the contact surface and working face of the medium, mechanical combination of the plunger and the metal handle, adhesive filling between the ceramic parts and the metal handle to avoid screw loosening.Compared with the existing ceramic plunger, the invention has the characteristics of anti-shedding, firm bonding and high strength;The service life of zirconia ceramic plunger is 10 times longer than that of metal plunger, and it can also improve the service life of sealing packing.It has extremely high wear resistance, corrosion resistance and impact resistance.

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