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Verification rules and precautions for ceramic needle gauge
Time: 2021-03-17   Writer: mingrui

Verification rules and precautions for ceramic needle gauge


Instrument inspection ceramic needle gauge must be tested at temperature 18-23 degrees Celsius, humidity 30 to 80 percent of the situation, must be tested every month or drop damage situation.Dongguan mingrui has rich experience in the production of ceramic needle gauge, is a reliable manufacturer of ceramic needle gauge processing.


1. Check steps

(1) first remove the dust and impurities on the surface of the needle gauge;

(2) use the micrometer to measure part 2mm and observe whether the data is consistent with the label value of the gauge;

(3) if the error is lower than the required precision value, it shall be judged as qualified; if it is greater than the required precision value, it shall be judged as unqualified;

(4) green certificate of qualified needle gauge shall be affixed to the site;

(5) scrap the unqualified needle rules after checking;

(6) the measurement results are recorded in the internal calibration record.


2. Common use of ceramic needle gauge:
measuring hole diameter, auxiliary hole depth, auxiliary hole spacing, etc.


3.The needle gauge hole size operation guide. 

1. Estimate the specifications of the aperture to be measured, and select the needle gauge with the closest specifications.

2. Insert the needle gauge into the hole to be measured vertically, and judge the specifications of the hole to be measured using the stop principle


4. Other matters needing attention:

1. Check the ceramic needle gauge with care during use and transportation.No gloves are required for use.

2. Dust should be cleaned before use and put into the needle gauge box for safekeeping.

3. Select the calibrated needle gauge with appropriate range according to product standards. 

4. Make sure the needle gauge has no scratch or dent before use. 

5. In the process of measuring the penetrating aperture, the needle gauge must pass through the aperture freely by its own gravity.

6. The results measured with the needle gauge shall be noted as X through and Y end.

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