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95 Alumina ceramic
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95 Alumina Ceramics Performance



The main component of alumina ceramics is Al2O3.

Ceramic containing more than 75% Al2O3 is commonly referred to as high alumina porcelain.
Alumina porcelain is one of the most widely used structural ceramics.Because of its excellent electrical properties at high frequency, it has small dielectric loss, large volume resistivity, high strength, hardness, small linear expansion coefficient, and good abrasion resistance and heat resistance.
It is more economical and practical to use 95% alumina porcelain under ordinary circumstances.For occasions where performance requirements are particularly high, 99% ~ 99.9% alumina porcelain is used.


95 alumina ceramics specific performance

1. 95% alumina electrical properties
Volume resistivity The volume resistivity ρν of an insulating material refers to the ratio of the DC electric field strength in the direction of the sample volume current to the current density at that point. Ρν=EV/jv(Ωcm), where EV is the DC electric field strength and jv is the current density. 95% alumina ceramic is an excellent electronic insulating material with high volume resistivity. The national standard GB/T5593-1999 specifies ρν≥1×1013Ωcm at 100°C; ρν≥1×1010Ωcm at 300°C; At 500 ° C, ρν ≥ 1 × 108 Ωcm. In fact, the volume resistivity of 95 porcelain produced in China is 1-2 orders of magnitude higher than the above regulations. Instruments that measure volume resistance typically use a high resistance meter.

2. 95% alumina thermal properties
 Average linear expansion coefficient The relative elongation of ceramics at elevated unit temperature, that is, the average linear expansion coefficient, is one of the main performance indexes of 95% alumina ceramics. The national standard GB/T5593-1999 specifies that the test temperature is 20-500 ° C, a is 6.5×10-6-7.5×10-6/°C; when the test temperature is 20-800°C, a is 6.5×10-6- 8×10-6/°C. Since the ceramic member is generally sealed with the metal member, the expansion coefficient is required to match the expansion coefficient of the metal material.

3. 95% alumina mechanical properties
Mechanical properties refer to the ability of a material to be destroyed by mechanical forces. The tensile strength, the flexural strength and the compressive strength are usually divided according to the direction of the force and the point of force. The tensile strength of 95% alumina ceramics is generally above 160 MPa, which is usually greater than the best sealing strength. There is no technical index of tensile strength and compressive strength of 95% alumina ceramics in the national standard GB/T5593-1999. The national standard GB/T5593-1999 specifies that the 95% alumina ceramics have a flexural strength of 280 MPA.
4. Bulk density The bulk density of 95% alumina ceramics has a great relationship with the choice of raw materials and the manufacturing process. In the national standard GB/T5593-1999, the bulk density of 95% alumina ceramic is required to be 3.60 g/cm3 or more. In fact, the molding method of porcelain is different, the density difference of 95% alumina ceramic is large, usually between 3.60-3.70 g/cm3 during hot die casting and grouting, and 3.70 g/ during isostatic pressing. Cm3; gel forming up to 3.73 g/cm3.

Properties of Alumina/Aluminum Oxide (Al2O3)
1.Very good electrical insulation (1x1014 to 1x1015 Ωcm)
2.Moderate to extremely high mechanical strength (300 to 630 MPa)
3.Very high compressive strength (2,000 to 4,000 MPa)
4.High hardness (15 to 19 GPa)
5.Moderate thermal conductivity (20 to 30 W/mK)
6.High corrosion and wear resistance
7.Good gliding properties
8.Low density (3.75 to 3.9 g/cm3)
9.Operating temperature without mechanical load 1,000 to 1,500°C.
10.Bioinert and food compatible
Products and Aplications
– Pieces, Plates, Boards, Trays, etc. in Alumina-Ceramic / Cordierite-Mullite
– Tubes, Rods, Rollers, Supports, etc. in Alumina-Ceramic / Cordierite-Mullite
– Protection, Thermocouples, Insulation, etc. in Alumina-Ceramic / Cordierite-Mullite
– Pieces, Plates, Tubes, Rods, Rollers, etc. in Zirconium Oxide
– others 

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